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To finally go for it?


The Mental Training Entrepreneur Bootcamp™


I know you feel called to something greater…

And becoming a mental training coach is the thing that keeps popping up in your life. But maybe you just aren’t sure how to make it happen.

  • Maybe you’re stuck in the “someday I will…” phase. 
  • Maybe you feel intimidated by entrepreneurship
  • Maybe you are really good at mental training but lack confidence in calling yourself an expert.
  • Maybe you’ve tried, but your endeavors never got past “hobby-status.”
  • Maybe you love mental training but feel totally overwhelmed by the business and technology needed to be an entrepreneur. 
  • Maybe you're already making money, but you'd like to increase your income without sacrificing your time.
  • Maybe you are already working but are stuck in the hustle of hours and hours of work with no pay off.

Sometimes, you wonder if it's even possible for you to do it too…

You are in the right place. I’ve built a 6 figure mental training business and helped mental training entrepreneurs all over the country finally move forward on their dreams and create profitable, passion filled businesses. I am passionate about helping driven mental training coaches stop waiting and start BEING with my step by step coaching program that walks you through EXACTLY how to start or scale your business.

Imagine what it would feel like to:

  • Do fulfilling work with athletes (or performers) helping them to another level?
  • Have greater freedom to work when and where you want (or not work)?
  • Have more time with family, or friends,  (or your dog)?
  • Take a leap to a greater you, being an expert in that ‘thing’ you’ve always wanted to be known for.
  • Feel like your work is contributing to a greater good.
  • Have creative freedom to create trainings and workshops and books that allow your clients to make real, lasting change.   
  • Have a consistent flow of new clients that are ready to work with you.
  • Have a clear blueprint for your business success.  
  • Stop the cycle of both hustling your buns off and doubting yourself?
  • Know exactly WHAT to do in your business so you know your hard work will pay off?
  • Stop saying ‘someday’ and finally invest in YOU?

I did it, my students are doing it, and you can do it too.           

My name is Lindsey Wilson

And I’m a mommy, wife, entrepreneur and mental training coach who is passionate about helping people succeed.

10 years ago, I started a mental training business with no sports psychology degree and no business know-how and built it into a 6-figure business working only 30 hours a week. I work with the clients I want to work with, have an international community of other coaches passionate about mental training tools and techniques, and have created a scalable business of courses and resources that sell on autopilot. I also have about a million (ok that’s an exaggeration) free resources that help coaches and athletes who can’t afford my services.

Because first and foremost, I believe in two things- doing work that you love/feel good about AND having a life. I love my work but my main focus is my family and I really didn’t want to choose. So I didn’t. I created the work/life balance that worked for me.

And you can too.

The world is ready for more mental training coaches. And many of them (like you) are sitting on the sidelines not sure how to start. Which is why I created the Mental Training Entrepreneur Bootcamp™. 


Creating a profitable, passion filled business doesn’t have to be reserved for ‘other people’.

Don’t get me wrong. It was a hard road for me to get where I am and it will be work for you too but it doesn’t have to be a STRUGGLE. Because I know there is a hard way to do it and a smart way. I did it the hard way for years, I stumbled A LOT along the way and wasted a lot of time and money trying to figure things out on my own. My students do it the smart way, because I give them every shortcut, every template, every mistake, every time saving hack that I wish I had. Mental Training Enterprenuer Bootcamp™ will give you all the tools in a step by step program, taking the guess work out of HOW to start your own business (even if you have no idea where to start) or HOW to scale your business (and stop the unnecessary struggle).


What Makes Mental Training Entrepreneur Bootcamp Different?

There are a lot of great coaching programs out there. There are NONE that do what we do; combine all 3 of the pillars that mental training entreprenuers need to be successful in a step-by-step program. Plus, with full access to me as your business coach as well as vibrant and intimate community of peers, you’ll have all the support and accountability you need to get your business up and profitable in 2019.

The 3 Pillars of a Successful Mental Training Entrepreneur

Mindset of an Expert Entreprenuer

I can tell you from experience that it is NOT easy to stand up in the world and announce "I'm really really good at this" and yet, that is exactly what being an entrepreneur calls for. But how do you do this AUTHENTICALLY and with a goal towards HELPING others. Mindset is a crucial part of starting your own business and we'll focus on this a ton in the group. 

Mental Training

This includes sports psychology, positive psychology, neuroscience, mindfulness and so many others. But it also includes HOW to actually work with athletes. What do you do when you sit down 1:1 with a client you’ve promised to help? What do you teach a team of athletes paying for your expertise and looking to you to help them improve?

Marketing and Strategy

It's easy to think that if you are good at what you do, and it's a service people need, that the marketing and strategy will take care of itself. It won't. Learn how to create a simple system that becomes the backbone of all the great work you do. This includes the technology (trust me it's not complicated. If I can do it so can you) and the systems you MUST have in place to be successful. 

It's like getting an MBA, Sports Psychology Degree and Personal Business Coaching all wrapped up into one.

What's Included in The Mental Training Entrepreneur Bootcamp?

  • The exact blueprint and system I’ve used to personally coach over 1000 athletes and reach over 100,000 with our trainings. 👩‍💼
  • Behind the scenes (and full access) to all 6 of our online training courses.
  • Certification included when you complete this. (This is a $2000 value by itself.) 👩‍🎓 👨‍🎓
  • Pulling back the curtain on how I’ve built a 6-figure training business with no prior business experience and no sports psychology degree. 😍
  • Swipe files of PowerPoints, worksheets, and marketing materials (this has cost me at least over 10k to develop)
  • How to easily get started with branding and a website (and also the #1 mistake new entrepreneurs make when doing this that costs them a TON of money.)
  • The mindset of a successful entrepreneur and why making money doing what you love is all in your mind. You knew THIS was going to be included! 🚵‍♂️ 🏊‍♂️
  • 1:1 access and group coaching with me to fast track your new or existing business.
  • A complete list of recommended resources (seriously this has taken me years of research, trial and error).
  • Potential for inclusion on the Positive Performance site as a recommended resource and coach.
  • How to book your first 5 clients-using a simple marketing strategy that won’t feel salesy I promise. 👩‍💻 👨‍💻
  • My process for connecting and helping clients from the first call.
  • How to build a passion, people first, respected business you can be proud of. 🙋‍♀️ 👏 👏 👏 ❤️
  • How to lay the exact groundwork for starting your business (this is 10 years of knowledge-including mistakes I made)
  • How to maximize your income, doing what you love, so you can scale to 5 figure months (this is possible if you do the work). 🤑 🤑
  • How I shifted my business to make more money in less time (25-30 hours a week of work) so I can be with my daughters. 
    🕠 🕕 🕡 🕖
  • 6 months of step by step coaching and feedback (that is normally 12k for my entrepreneur clients).
  • 3 additional months of support and resources
  • The simple technology that will lay the groundwork for your future growth (trust me I’m not a techie so this is super simple- if you can do facebook you can do this!).
  • How to harness your unique knowledge and find your niche. 🏈 🏀 ⚾ ⚽ 🥉 🏐 🎾 ⛳ 🏑 🎿
  • The mindset and pricing shift that took my business to the next level (that I wish I’d known about 10 years ago!).


I could go on but you get the idea. I’m looking for coaches that are READY, that want to do the work and want to invest in themselves and their future. As always, I want to work with hungry individuals that have big, crazy dreams for the future and want to fast track their success. NOW. Serious coaches only!

What Our Previous Coaches Say...

A Note from a 2018 MTE Coach

"It was a little over a year ago that I took a leap of faith, followed my heart and passion and signed up for MTE Bootcamp. About a month ago, I got my first paying client and have a couple of great opportunities working with sports organizations in my area. It is a great feeling.

I am sharing this with you because I am guessing there are a lot of you who are on the fence and are wondering if it is the right time for you to pursue something like this. I was on the fence too. So much so that I must have made three or four videos to submit and never did because I wasn’t sure how I was going to pull it off if I was lucky enough to be accepted into the program. It wasn’t until I saw one final post from Lindsey that said she had one spot left and it was the day before the group got started. Even then, I waited a few hours, emailed her to see if the spot was still open and the rest is history.

I felt like it was meant to be and I am so grateful. Realistically it probably was not the right time, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it and felt like I owed it to myself to pursue my dream and passion. It hasn’t been easy and I have had a lot to juggle but it has been so worth it. The knowledge and the support that Lindsey gives you sets you up for success. My point in all of this is that if this is something you have dreamed about and can’t stop thinking about, go for it! There is never going to be a good time but you will find a way!"

Amy Oliphant

Investment Worth Making

Lindsey has a wealth of resources she shared with us in the program. It gave me a framework to work from, but she also encouraged me to bring my own unique experiences to my business, too. She taught us practical, usable mindset training content, as well as valuable business strategies.

If you have a desire to help others develop a winning mindset, want accountability, and a group of like-minded people to share the journey, then MTE will be a great fit! I highly recommend it. It's worth investing in!

-Beth Fisher Jessop 2017 Graduate


"This program helped me to believe in myself and gave me the tools I needed to get started in running my own business. I became more aware of myself and my goals/dreams and I changed my mindset to one of constant barriers to feelings of hope in that I can actually do something like this."

2017 Cohort

"This program gave me the tools and the information that I needed in order to start my own mental training business. It challenged me to take risks that I may not have taken if did not have the support of Lindsey and the others in my group. I realized that having my own business could be a reality and I gained confidence in my ability to reach out to others, ask for help and advice and to go after what I want. In addition, I learned that i know a whole lot more about mindfulness and mental training than I ever gave myself credit for."

2017 Cohort

"It was very valuable. I knew nothing about how to get a business started and I really knew nothing about marketing. Through the workbooks and phone sessions, I learned a ton. It was also nice to do it with a small group of people who all came from different backgrounds but all had the same goal. It added a lot to the group."

2017 Cohort

Will help you build and grow from the ground up!

Lindsey's 'Mental Training Entrepreneur' program is a great next step for anyone who understands the basics (and power) of the subconscious brain and the mind-body connection as it relates sport. Lindsey has distilled her knowledge of the mind into easy to use tools and techniques that help you educate and train your athletes for optimal performance. The Entrepreneur program then builds on her vast library of content to help coaches define, build and grow their business from the ground up."

  -Kadee Gray 2017 Graduate


Note from Lindsey

The Mental Training Entrepreneur is a select group of mental training coaches that are hand selected based on an application process. The application process is designed, not to assess where you are currently,  but how hungry you are to succeed and how committed you are to this endeavor. We do this to ensure that our graduates will be successful and that our cohort will be a strong group ready to bring mental training to the world!

The Mental Training Entrepreneur Bootcamp™


Lisa Johnson Testimonial

Lisa Johnson from limitless mental performance talks about how MTE helped her increase her prices 7x.

Kadee Gray Testimonial

Kadee Gray from Above the Game talks about how the support system in MTE Bootcamp helped her raise her Mental Training 'game'.

Skyler Muff Testimonial

Skyler Muff from Train My Mental Game talks about her journey from college athlete to becoming a mental training coach.

The Mental Training Entrepreneur Bootcamp™


Bonus #1

The Positive Performance 1:1 Client Training Workbook

- a reference guide for exactly WHERE all of my techniques are located inside of the courses.
-a prescription of common challenges and solutions for your clients.
- a resource list of what you need to do BEFORE you ever work with a client.
-video breakdowns of my ACTUAL work with a client including me teaching things like the BRAVR.
-worksheets on how to actually create change through a 3 session outline (examples included).


Bonus #2

NEW Online Course: How to Train an Athlete's Mindset

With this course you will:
- truly feel confident working with a client
-understand your stories, experiences and even failures make you UNIQUELY qualified to help others.
-have a blueprint that you can then customized based on your style and your clients needs.

-Have a complete (and organized) go-to toolbox for any athlete.

-have go-to guided visualization scripts to use to make massive change in your clients. 
- can go knock it out of the park with your business!



Bonus #3

Positive Performance Courses and Certifications


With MTE Bootcamp you'll have access to 9 courses designed to give you all the mental training tools and knowledge you need to effectively work with an athlete, team or organization and make a massive impact. 

Bonus #4

Private Entrepreneur Community 


With MTE Bootcamp you'll get to know the other coaches going through the program really well. You'll support each other, learn from each other, and hold each other accountable. 

The Mental Training Entrepreneur Bootcamp™


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We'll be in touch as soon as applications are being accepted for the 2019 MENTAL TRAINING ENTREPRENEUR BOOTCAMP! Stay Tuned.