BRAVR ™: Increase athlete focus

Developed by the professionals at Positive Performance, the BRAVR™ Method is an easy, five-minute, five-step solution to getting athletes in the right mental space to achieve top performance. The five steps create the BRAVR™ acronym: Breathe, Release, Affirmation, Visualization, and Reset word.

In this article:

  • Why Positive Performance created BRAVR™.
  • What this prepping technique is & how to use it.
  • Download our Quick Start Guide for step by step instruction on gaining immediate practice improvement.

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There are those who are brave,and then there are those who are BRAVR™


The BRAVR™ goal

We developed this focusing technique to give coaches and athletes a more defined path toward achieving their goals. Through BRAVR™, athletes and coaches alike can manifest their dreams into reality through a process that “resets” the brain and prepares the mind and body for optimum performance.  

BRAVR™ components


The coach’s role

Encourage players to use all five components of the BRAVR™ Method.

  • Remind them to breathe properly and deeply.
  • Help them to identify negativities that are holding them back, and to blow them out when they exhale.
  • Remind them to say their positive affirmation every day, out loud! If they have trouble coming up with an affirmation, come up with one together.
  • Assure they visualize themselves succeeding using all their senses. Go through each sense individually to bring the whole picture together. Can they see the opponents’ uniform colors? Smell the sweat? Hear the sound of sneakers squeaking on the court?
  • Come up with a reset word that both describes and inspires them. Learn your players’ reset words and use them to encourage them during practice and during games when you see they are mentally struggling.

Use the BRAVR™ method on yourself.

Coaches require just as much mental training and preparation as any player. Get yourself performing at your best – get focused with positive thinking and proper breathing – and you’ll be better able to pass that confidence along to your athletes.

Use the BRAVR™ method as a team.

It doesn't take a lot of time and is so easy it can be done alongside most pre-existing routines, like pre-practice stretching, water breaks, and cool downs.

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See immediate improvement

Many of our clients report that the first 20-minutes of practice drastically improves after implementing this five-minute pre-practice routine. And by starting practices with a bang, that positive momentum carries your athletes through long, grueling practices. Giving your team an opportunity to get their minds centered, focus on practice, visualize what they want to achieve, and let go of any unproductive thoughts and emotions is the most productive way to improve practices from the very first to the very last whistle.

With this BRAVR™ How-To Guide you get step by step instructions on how to implement this technique, a script to take the guess work out of teaching it to your athletes, and insider tips on exactly how the 5 steps of BRAVR™ can benefit your team. Plus isn't in a handy PDF format you can print off and take into practice.


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What focusing techniques or tools do you currently use to get great practices??


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