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"I want to praise you & congratulate you on growing your business and thank you for the inroads you have made in the area of mental training techniques for optimum performance in athletics.  We have enjoyed & utilized the principles of Positive Performance for over 2 years now and have seen results. Thank you! I will definitely pass this on to my successor!"

Nancy Funk
31 Year Collegiate Women's Basketball Coach Johns Hopkins University




One of our mental training experts will work with your athletes, coaches and even parents to teach them how to benefit from mental training. This is customized to your teams needs and can be done in person or over LIVE WebCam.


No more workshops or guest speakers as a stand alone event. We are committed to helping you make changes and we have the curriculum and resources and results to back that up. You'll get a full system to implement over time. 


You'll get follow up videos, worksheets, workshop plans, guided visualizations, and continued access to all updates through the year. All of these are designed for easy and simple implementations and you can pick and choose the ones your program needs. 


We customize our training to your programs needs and make sure to give you the support you need to make the changes you desire. We are committed to your success and best of all, we pick up the phone!


Depending on the package we do customized and confidential assessments for your program and give coaches the results and insight you need to create change. 


Depending on your needs, we do small group break away sessions. Examples include senior leaders, injured athletes, freshman, coaches, pitchers/setters/point guards. These are a fantastic way to create fast change. 

"As a coach, I care deeply about my athlete's performance but I care even more about them as young people. Positive Performance empowered my athletes with the POWER of their own mind…..there is no greater gift our staff could give them for tennis or for life. Bringing in Positive Performance was a no-brainer for our program."

Bob Dallas
Head Coach Dartmouth College


How does this work?

Once you purchase a team workshop, you will get access to the online courses for one year. You can go through the training modules at your own pace. You’ll watch videos, fill out online worksheets, journal, and go through the entire course all on your personal, confidential account. You can get started before or after our LIVE training and we'll walk you through our recommendations for your program. Log-in from your computer or mobile device.

How long do we have access to the training?

We understand that life happens, and that just because you enroll today that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to finish (or even start) the training this week. And that’s ok! The license is for an entire year, so take your time... even come back and redo modules later on.

Will I be able to use these tools?

Every team training includes a coach account so you can also get the benefits of improved confidence. If you purchase the individual training, it's a license for a single user. However, some parents do go through the training with their child (especially if they are on the younger side).

What sports do you specialize in? 

We’ve worked with athletes in a wide range of sports; from traditional team sports like soccer, basketball and softball to individual sports like track, swimming, tennis and rodeo. Regardless of your sport, working on your mindset will benefit your program.

We are in our off-season, will this training still help?

Absolutely.  The only potential limitation is, if you are team, can you get together to do part of the training as a group. Group training is not a necessity, however, if you are a team, we do recommend it.

How much do in person workshops cost? 

Our live trainings start at 3k (for LIVE webcam) and go up from there depending on what package you get and how many teams we'll be working with. We do have multiple team discounts. Of course our DIY trainings such as Mastering Your Self-Talk, Competition Mastery or Mental Huddle Foundational Program are for teams with smaller budgets. 


Please schedule a call with us to discuss your teams needs and how we might help you. Due to our limited availability for calls, we ask that you only schedule if you have budgetary knowledge and authority. If you just have some initial questions, please email us at


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