Play Bigger By Mastering Your Mindset

Life is too short to play small. Our online courses and programs teach coaches and athletes how to tap into their full potential and play bigger on the playing field and off.

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Play Bigger In Your Life By Mastering Your Mindset

Life is too short to play small. Our online courses and programs teach coaches, athletes and entrepreneurs how to bring mindset coaching into your life, your team or your business, so that you can really 'go for it' in your life.

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New to mental training? Our 4-part online course, Mental Training 101, is the perfect place to start. This course teaches you how the mind works and how mental training can increase your performance on the playing field and off.

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Download our Free Cheat Sheet: 7 Ways to Develop Tough, Focused, and Resilient Athletes. Use this straightforward tool to introduce your athletes to visualization, mindfulness, and positive self-talk.

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We are tough and driven. Just like you.

As a master mindset coach, entrepreneur and mom I know how easy it can be to not 'go for it' in life when things get busy. But as a former professional athlete, I know WELL how as athletes and coaches, we can dig down, work on our mindset and find another level in our performance and our life.

Through our two programs (The Life Mindset Coaching Program™ and The Mindset Coach Academy™), online courses, workshops, and our podcast The Mindset Coach Academy, we can teach you to do the same. 

Because you are too tough to not 'go for it' in your life. Let's do this! 

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Our Popular Podcast, The Mindset Coach Academy

Mindset Work for High Performers

Are you a coach, athlete, entrepreneur, or all-around high performer who nerds out on mindset work? This podcast was designed just for you.

Join our community of high performers on a personal growth journey to become better leaders, competitors, and humans.

Massively shift your mindset with our popular podcast, The Mindset Coach Academy. 

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Want to Create Results For Your Athletes?

Pick a toolbox below to get mental training resources, tools, and courses, perfectly paired with your team's biggest pain point.

Confidence Toolbox

Help your athletes build real, lasting, and impenetrable confidence that is based on a growth mindset and positive internal beliefs, not on fragile ego. With this toolbox they they can approach all endeavors with true, internal confidence. On and off the court.

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Competition Toolbox

Designed to help coaches develop a team of focused, consistent competitors by teaching them mental exercises to help them prepare for every part of competition, enabling their athletes to consistently compete at a high level.

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Resilience Toolbox

Filled with resources to help coaches extinguish self-imposed barriers, often caused by stress or fear of failure. Help your athletes bounce back from failure, develop mental toughness, build consistent self-belief, and approach any challenge with the right mindset.

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