Game Face: Inside The Minds of Great Competitors

Hosted by Lindsey Wilson, Founder of Positive Performance Mental Training


Learn How To

Create Consistent, Relentless Competitors who you KNOW are prepared on game day. 


The exact methods we've used with over 10,000 teams and coaches to create mentally tough athletes. 

Learn How To

Implement proven, simple tools that give your athletes ownership over their mindset. Finally!

Who This Training is For

Are you frustrated watching your athletes underperform? Do you feel like there is more you could or should do to prepare them (but have no idea what else to do)? Have you tried in vain to get them mentally ready, only to watch them crumble? If so, welcome to our free masterclass for coaches just like you. Ones that care deeply about their athletes and want to grow in order to help them more. We aren't holding anything back in this training, you'll walk away with knowledge, awareness and most importantly, REAL tools that you can implement RIGHT away with your athletes for lasting change.

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