Volleyball olympic athlete Courtney Thompson: The mental game and leadership

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In an effort to keep things short and sweet on this Thanksgiving Eve before coaches and athletes alike settle in for the holiday weekend, we wanted to share a couple of audio clips from an interview Positive Performance's Co-Founder Lindsey Wilson conducted recently with 2012 silver-medalist and Volleyball Olympian Courtney Thompson.

How to mentally prepare.

Being a great athlete has a lot to do with how one prepares their mind, not only going into the game, but long before and long after. Here, Courtney talks about how she prepares herself


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The mental game.

Born in 1984 in then-small Kent, Washington, Courtney understood early on that having a clear mission was important to her success as a volleyball player. Listen as Courtney talks to Lindsey about how she...

  • developed her mental game;
  • why she feels mental strength is important; and
  • how she continues to harness her mental strength to continually improve.
What sets Courtney apart is, she battles."

- Hugh McCutcheon, Olympic Gold & Silver winning Head Volleyball Coach

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Leadership is looking outward.

Courtney is a natural leader. Something about her just speaks leadership. And, after hearing her talk about her leadership approach, it's no wonder why.

To Courtney, leading isn't about her; it's about her teammates and how she can help them improve. Helping others, she's found, is the best way to improve herself.

Courtney has a presence about her that I've never witnessed in anybody else. She is 100% a leader."

-Christa Harmotto, Olympic medal-winning volleyball player

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Want to know even more about what makes Courtney Thompson tick?

Check out the documentary, Court & Spark.


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