As a mental training coach, I've spent over a decade not only teaching but also LISTENING. 

And what I hear from coaches is that they routinely spend the first 20 minutes of practice trying to get their athletes' heads 'right' (oftentimes in vain.)

Every practice = 20+ minutes wasted. 

Sound familiar?

Getting your athletes focused and mentally ready for competition can feel like an uphill battle.  

If you've been looking for a simple tool that you can use every day to get your athletes in the right headspace for competition and teach them to take control of their own mindset, you've found it. 

Welcome to BRAVR™ Method 2.0. Our 5 minute focusing exercise that will get you and your athletes the focus, toughness, and resiliency in practice (and beyond) that you ALL deserve.


Who is The BRAVR™ Method For?

In this video, we talk about WHY we created The BRAVR™ and HOW it will impact your team.



Introducing The BRAVR 2.0

A 5-part system to improve focus, toughness and resiliency. 

With the BRAVR™, we give you a step-by-step SYSTEM designed to make implementation a breeze. Check out the inside and see how simple it can be to get started with your athletes TODAY.



"Lindsey, We do the BRAVR™ Exercise before every game and my athletes LOVE It. Because of their increased focus and confidence going into games, we started beating teams we never would have beat before. We even have warm up shirts made that said BE BRAVR on the front and all the other teams want to know what it means. I literally can't tell you how much this exercise has helped our team. Thank you for sharing this tool, it's been a game changer for us."

Rick Payne
High School Girls Basketball Coach

What's Inside The BRAVR™ 2.0

1. The Method: An Overview of The BRAVR Method in 5 steps. You'll want to take some time before you actually DO the BRAVR to make sure each step is set up ahead of time with your athletes (see the next session The Set Up for instructions.)

2.   The Set up:  This is the breakdown of how to teach the BRAVR to athletes. It includes an introductory script for explaining the technique and printable worksheets for creating affirmations and reset words.

3.     The Script: Here you’ll find a script for verbally leading athletes through the BRAVR. Having a script is particularly helpful in the beginning as the team learns the steps and you get comfortable leading it.

4.     The Sneak Peak: Love the BRAVR? Want to take mental training to the next level and get your athletes to compete at their best consistently? We’ll give you a sample training of our popular course Competition Mastery. This course will walk you through how to set up pre-competition, in-competition, and post-competition routines.

5.     The Cheat Sheet: This is a printable, one-page outline of the BRAVR with example affirmations, to display in your locker room.

"I am a swim coach of an age-group swim team in Madison, WI. I found our awesome online tools and website this summer as I was preparing for this season. I started using the BRAVR™ method at the beginning of practice, and in two weeks I've already seen significant improvement in swimmer's focus, excitement, and purpose. Thank you so much!!"

Brie Taylor
Swim Coach, YMCA of Dane County


THE BRAVR™ Method 2.0 is our updated and improved method. BRAVR 1.0 was developed 6 years ago and has been used by over 5,000 teams around the country and by far our most popular tool. We got feedback from coaches and went back to the drawing board to completely redo and improve this resource. What you'll see:

  • an expanded set up section including a easy to follow script
  • affirmation worksheet to take your athletes through step by step how to develop affirmations
  • Sample affirmations from various sports so your athletes can see positive, real world examples. 
  • A 'reset word' worksheet to help your athletes develop this useful tool.
  • A handy, beautifully designed cheat sheet that you can print and give to your athletes and post in the locker room.

I am so confident you'll love the BRAVR 2.0 and if you used BRAVR 1.0, I promised you'll LOVE the improvements.  We are so proud of how it turned out. Here's to EVERYONE getting the practices they deserve!


"Hello Lindsey, We incorporated your focus breathing with the BRAVR™ method this season and it was really a terrific addition! Best season in school history so it definitely didn't hurt. It took some time for them all to get comfortable with it but it became an important tool we used every day and one may of our players credit their increased focus levels to and ability to re-focus."

Cherise Galasso
WPI Head Women's Basketball Coach




An overview of the BRAVR method in 5 steps with a printable one page CHEAT SHEET

A script to take the guess work out of HOW to teach this.

Downloadable and printable worksheets to help your athletes zero in on their personal affirmations and a reset word to use during the BRAVR and during competition. 



P.S. - if you're skimming and just want the basics it's this: The BRAVR METHOD 2.0 for just $39. The same execution plan that's currently being used by hundreds of college, club and high school teams to have highly productive, focused team practices.

Coaches Love The BRAVR™ Method

Hear What These Coaches Have to Say About How the BRAVR™ Transformed Their Team and Their Practices



Let's do this. 



  1. BREATHE - Remind them to breathe properly and deeply. Sounds simple right? Most athletes don't take the time to do this. 

  2. RELEASE - Start your practices with maximum focus and effort (using the BRAVR™ Method). The BRAVR™ Method is a proven way to manage arousal and create heightened levels of focus. This is one of our most popular exercises and is broken down even more in this guide.

  3. AFFIRMATIONS - Remind them to say their positive affirmation every day, out loud!Use our worksheet to create affirmations that are customized and create motivation and focus. 

  4. VISUALIZATION - Assure they visualize themselves succeeding using all their senses. Go through each sense individually to bring the whole picture together. Can they see the opponents’ uniform colors? Smell the sweat? Hear the sound of sneakers squeaking on the court?

  5. RESET WORD - Come up with a reset word that both describes and inspires them. Learn your players’ reset words and use them to encourage them during practice and during games when you see they are mentally struggling. Use our worksheet to create a reset word that will become their go-to way to refocus when things get tough. 


If you do the work and don’t get the value, then we don’t deserve your money, it’s just that simple. (*must be within 14 days of purchase)


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