Next Level Competitor Bundle

Including Mastering Your Self-Talk, Competition Mastery, The Mindful Competitor Project this bundle gives you a whole toolbox of resources for the athlete who is working to get to the next level mentally. Plus, with bonus resources such as e-books, Mind/Body Exercises, Guided visualizations and more, this bundle will give you the resources to develop confidence, focus, and mental toughness for peak performance.

What's included: 

Mastering Your Self-Talk
Self-talk is a simple but powerful coaching tool that is often underutilized. When athletes haven’t learned to harness their self-talk, they often consistently send themselves subconscious messages that fuel feelings of helplessness, lack of control, inconsistent focus, and self-sabotage in competition and beyond. This training will teach athletes how to use self-talk to their advantage. Mastering Your Self-Talk is designed to combat performance-limiting tendencies, reinstate ownership over self-image, and reinforce confidence, stability, and success in sports and life.

This course is designed to build lasting confidence from the inside out.

What’s inside:

·       8 Units

·       6 Self-Talk exercises

·       1 Self-Talk challenge

·       3 Self-Talk reflections

·       1 Self-Talk Assessment

·       Online support

·       One year of access to the training, any updates and supplemental tools
Normally $179.00 USD


Competition Mastery
Competition Mastery is a training program for coaches and is based off our work with professional and Olympic athletes and designed to teach the tools of elite athletes.

What’s inside:

·       6 in-depth videos

·       4 worksheets plus  journals

·       Online support

·       One year of access to the training, any updates and supplemental tools

·       Plus coaches specific notes and insights
Normally $179.00 USD


The Mindful Competitor Project Training
Do you wonder if there is another level for you or your athletes? Do you feel like the mental 'game' is getting in your way but you don't know what to do about it? Look no further. This course will teach you EXACTLY how mindfulness can help your performance and give you a step by step instruction on how to make this a consistent part of your training routine. This is an easy to follow introduction to mindfulness for coaches, athletes and anyone who competes. 
Normally $87.00 USD




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